JH VB Uniforms: 5-8th grade girls, please turn in your clean volleyball uniforms to Coach Forster 8th hour on Thursday, 4/22
about 19 hours ago, Leslie Raffelson
LADY BULLDOG VOLLEYBALL! Follow the news story link for a community event coming up this weekend to support our Lady Bulldog Volleyball team. "THINK PINK AND PLAY VOLLEYBALL!" https://www.peetzschool.org/article/442118
1 day ago, Mike Forster
ladyb vb
BOE Agenda 4-20-21
1 day ago, Dustin Seger
BOE Agenda
BOE Agenda
PINK'D OUT!! Maybe not in person or on the court tonight but Lady Bulldog Volleyball shared time together in a different way Pink'd Out!! Supporting those in our community and beyond!
4 days ago, Mike Forster
vb pink out
Per Mr. Ron Gentry the Seniors are still going on their Senior Class trip. They will be leaving @ 7:30 am tomorrow morning (April 17, 2021) from the school.
4 days ago, Kelly Barrett
Because of road conditions and continued conversations with drivers we will not be having school today. We will resume regular schedule on Monday. We are having some issues with the phone system this morning so please keep us posted if you did not receive any calls. Thank you
4 days ago, Dustin Seger
4 days ago, Kelly Barrett
4 days ago, Mike Forster
snow delay
Tomorrow Night: Parents Night & PINK-OUT Night!!
5 days ago, Khira Gipfert
Peetz Elementary Robotics Team won 3rd place in the Robotics competition in the fall. They recently received their trophy. Golden Plains: https://game.bestrobotics.org/nationals/hub/headtohead Look for 3 robotics teams for next year as well! If your child (5-12th grade) is interested, please email raffelsonl@peetzschool.org to be added to the robotics group on Schoology for updates and dates. Kickoff starts September 11 from 9-3 in Julesburg.
5 days ago, Leslie Raffelson
Robotics team
MAPPING! Students learned to navigate ArcGIS to map information as they continue to work on their Colorado projects.
6 days ago, Lisa Honstein
practice mapping
more mapping
mapping more
PROM: The 2021 Peetz Prom is May 8th. Students bringing out of town dates need to fill out the form located on Mrs. Schumacher's door. The forms need to be returned by May 7th.
7 days ago, Makayla Motzkus
TOUR WORLD EXTREMES! 4th grade joined DMNS to learn about extreme land forms across the globe. From Yellowstone to Iceland to Africa, we learned about volcanoes, acidic lakes, and extremophiles (microorganisms that live in extreme conditions).
7 days ago, Lisa Honstein
traveling the globe
scientists in action
Volleyball Schedule: Friday 4-16 is Parent's Night and PINK-OUT Night! Also the Last Home Game!
8 days ago, Khira Gipfert
This Weeks Schedule
We are looking for anyone interested in being a part of the strategic planning for our wonderful district. Our next meeting will be held Friday April 23rd @ 5pm. Please contact me 334-2361 or by email if you are interested in participating. Thank you
13 days ago, Dustin Seger
There will be a meeting in the commons on Tuesday April 13th @ 6:30 pm to discuss after prom activities. Please come and help out any way you can. If you can not attend but would like more information please contact the school or Tiffany Vallier for more information.
13 days ago, Dustin Seger
Volleyball Schedule of this week. Look for the protocols and live streams coming up. Good Luck Bulldogs!!
15 days ago, Khira Gipfert
This Weeks Schedule
APRIL FOOLS!! The fourth graders baked the Principal some "Brown-E's" Yummmm!
19 days ago, Mike Forster
brown e
PREVENTING EROSION! 4th Grade tested their ideas to prevent soil erosion as part of their Earth Science unit. After doing some research, students worked in groups to problem solve erosion by testing their ideas and then collaborating to extend their learning.
19 days ago, Lisa Honstein
multiple devices
add water
CONGRATS to the March Madness Typing Tournament winners!! In 1st place is Izzy, 2nd place Lily, and in third place is Ella! 👏👏 In Tech class we have been working on our typing skills this whole semester to prepare for our typing version of March Madness. Our tournament included 3rd-6th graders. We had a lot of students improve their typing speed so next year there will be lots of good competition!!
19 days ago, Becky Lussier- Elem. Tech/Library Teacher
3 girls standing near book shelves holding their prizes from winning first, second, and third place in a typing tournament.