It is the purpose of education in Peetz Plateau School District to develop in each individual:

  • Worthy intellectual processes, including essential communication skills, and capability in inquiry, analysis, and problem-solving techniques, and development of a reflective and examining nature

  • A moral and humane character and philosophy, accompanied by the ability to exercise moral and ethical judgment and establish moral and ethical standards

  • Mental and physical health

  • A sense of self-realization which includes a sense of dignity, self-worth and job goals and a sense of artistry and grace

  • Competence in human and social relations

  • The ability and desire to exercise responsible citizenship, requiring a sense of history and an understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage

Economic/occupational competence, which includes abilities to function in the economic system, select an occupation, gain job entry or to pursue further occupational training, or attend an institution of higher education.


Average enrolment K-12 160 

Preschool enrollment 16

Avg. Elementary Class Size 12

Avg. Secondary Class Size 15

Full-Day Kindergarten

The graduation rate is 100%

79% of students enroll in postsecondary education

1 to 1 program for all secondary students (Chromebooks), technology classes for students K-12

Concurrent enrollment offered.

Gifted programming is available to qualified students.

Our community is highly invested in our school and its functions.

Our school has been accredited or accredited with distinction for several consecutive years.

Sports, FFA, FBLA, NHS, Student Council, Band, Music Education, Destination Imagination, Science/Math Contests, Robotics, Knowledge Bowl, Technology classes K-12 all help to create a balanced education for our students.

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