Jeff Durbin

Jeff Durbin


I am Jeff Durbin, your school superintendent, and I am excited to be in Peetz. I’ve enjoyed 30 years in education, including 24 years in school administration as a superintendent. My 30 years in education include 6 years as a teacher, primarily as an Industrial Arts Technology Education instructor, three years as a principal, and 21 years as a school superintendent.

As an administrator, I value high levels of student achievement for all students; a safe, caring, well-managed learning environment; strong building-level leadership in partnership with the principal; highly effective educators; strong board, parent, student, and community relations; and effective budget and fiscal management.

Mostly, as a native to Northeast Colorado, I am proud to live and work in small, rural schools. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many board members, principals, teachers, parents, students, and community partners. I am proud to join the Plateau School District team. Go Bulldogs.