Director: Aleah Ramey
Phone: 970-334-2361
(please call classroom during school hours)

Preschool Hours:
8:00 am - 3:30 pm Tuesday - Friday

Preschool Handbook

Samantha Ewertz

Kara Williams




Here you will find a learning environment created especially for young children. We have an environment designed to motivate each child as an individual to grow, explore, discover, make decisions, practice social skills, and develop their creativity. Through daily interactions, children will realize their full potential at each stage of development while challenging their bodies and minds to move forward to the next stage.

Our classrooms enhance learning through discovery. It is important to us that children learn from hands-on experiences, which are provided in science, math, social studies, music, art, and large and small motor development.

Our program will have a vast focus on literacy/language. We want to provide all children the opportunity to communicate in a way that best fits them as an individual. Printing is integrated into most of our activities exposing children to the written word. Communication will be mastered through role modeling by the staff, which will facilitate problem-solving and language building. All areas of the classroom provide an opportunity for children to express themselves in a variety of ways including verbal communication.

Most important to our program are the children and their families. We know that you are our biggest asset and your little ones' first and most important teacher. If at any time you have concerns, ideas, or questions, you are encouraged to visit with the preschool staff. Together we can create a safe nurturing environment where children learn through their experiences. We (family and staff) as a team can make your child’s preschool years very positive and enjoyable.