Leslie Raffelson
Technology Director
(970) 334-2361

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The mission of Plateau School District RE-5, is to positively influence students to be knowledgeable, skilled, and self-reliant learners.

At Plateau School District RE-5 we believe technology and information literacy support our district mission by allowing students and teachers to access the tools that enhance the education process.

Information Literacy and Technology Vision
To increase student's achievement and knowledge through a learning process that integrates information literacy and technology into meeting all standards.

We envision a learning environment in which technology and information literacy enhances teaching, learning, and communication. Through the use of educational technology and information literacy, the school will build and enhance an environment that allows students and teachers ready, and immediate access to information tools and resources to create a learning environment that supports and enhances the student’s knowledge creation process. This learning environment, supported through strong collaborations between media specialists, technology specialists and classroom teachers will be an integrated learning environment that reaches across all content areas.