Mark Steeger

Q: How are you feeling about the coming upgrades.? A. I am extremely exited about getting more added to me.

-Peetz S.- Building

Mrs. Schumacher

Q: What are you hoping for in the play. ? A: I just hope that everyone has learned their lines.

-Mrs. Walters-Staff


Q. What is your lunch? A. I like mexican beef over rice.

-Jessica Rolle.- Staff


Q: What are you going to do this summer? A: I don't really have anything planned out

-Sauvon C.- 8th Grade

Luke T.

Q: What do you plan to do with your summer? A: I convinced my grandparents to let me forge a katana.

- Taylor R. - Junior

Sierra R

Q: What are you planning on doing when school gets out? A: I'm really excited, I will sleep in every day!

-Sierra R. - 6th Grade