Q: With the season over how have you grown as a team? A: We have communicated a lot better and won more games.

- Trinity M.- 8th Grade

Savanah H.

Q: What color do you plan on dying your hair next? A: I'll most likely dye it red again but with a semi permanent dye so the color is more vibrant for longer.

- Savanah H. - 9th

Aydan Foos

Q: What has been your favorite thing you have learned so far this school year? A: Improving on my basketball skills.

- Adyan F.- 6th Grade

Chance Denison

Q: How is the play going?A: Pretty good. we are on scene 12.

- Chance D.- 6th Grade

Ashlyn Schmidt

Q. What are you looking forward too in livestock judging this year? A. I'm really excited to get back in the groove of things. .

- Ashlyn S.- Freshman

Mr. Sorenson

Q: How did it feel to coach your last year of HS Football? A: It was sad that it was the end of a very special time in my life but also gratifying to know that I'm going to start a new chapter in my life.

- Mr. Sorenson - Coach