Lyle S.

Q: What do you think of high school so far? A: High School is good so far, because of the many opportunities to learn.

- Lyle S. 9th grader

Picture of Stephanie

Q: How does it feel to be back in the building? A: It feels good, I'm very excited to keep working with student's again.

- Mrs. Fehringer- Para

Mrs Walters Official Photo

Q: What inspired you to start teaching? A: My love of reading inspired me to teach.

- Mrs. Walters-English

Jaidynn R. - 7th  grader

Q: What do you think of junior high so far? A: I think that it is better than elementary, because there is more motivation to do your work so that you are eligible for sports.

- Jaidynn R. 7th grader

Picture of Nataleigh

Q: What is your favorite sport to play? A: Basketball, because there is a lot of running and team work.

- Nataleigh K.-6th grader

Rilynn B.

Q.: What is your favorite thing about 6th grade so far? A: So far my favorite thing is Math, it's easy and my favorite subject.

- Rilynn B. -6th grade

Caleb P.

Q: What are your plans for your 8th grade year? A: Getting all A's and moving on to Freshman year.

- Caleb P.- 8th grader

Mrs.Davenport netx to FBLA sign

Q: What is the best thing about teaching at Peetz? A: Small class sizes help students build better relationships with each other and with the staff.

- Mrs. Davenport-Business