Chance S.

Q: What are your thoughts of the next football season? A: I think it will be fun and should go better then this year.

- Chance S. 10th grade


Q: What was you favorite part of this year? A: Spending time with my classmates.

- Mark S. 11th grade

Chance S. -10th Grade

Q: \What is the hardest part of having one eye? A: The hardest part of having one eye is not being able to participate in certain activities or just always thinking that one mistake will make you go blind.

- Wyatt T. 10th Grade

Jammie Wheelock

Q.: What is your favorite song that you have taught? A: The Dark Night Rises.

- Mrs. Wheelock-Band Director

Jeff, Durban

Q: What is your favorite family tradition. A: We always go on a family vacation every year.

- Mr. Durbin-Superintendent

Collin Fehringer a Freshman

Q: What did you think about Moot Wenneker ? A: He had a good speech and it was very inspirational.

- Collin F. 9th Grade

The weightroom boys working out.

Q: What kind of weight do you lift? A: Lightweight.

- The Weight Room Boys.