Q: What are you doing in AG? A: We are currently working on corn hole boards and making designs for the tops.

- Joe F.- Junior

Aaron Bernhardt

Q: How was your Thanksgiving? A: My Thanksgiving went good and I ate lots of food.

- Aaron B.-Junior

Brent Brewer

Q. What did you do for Thanksgiving. I ate a lot of delicious foods.

- Brent B.- Junior

Noah Naegele

Q: How are you feeling about the Carlile Classic? A: I am feeling great about it.

- Noah N.-Junior

Wyatt Talhelm

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? A: Stuffing, it tastes scrumptious.

- Wyatt T. - Junior

Logan V.

Q: How has basketball going? A: Good, we've been working really hard so we can make it to the playoffs.

- Logan V. -Freshmen