Calendar and Mobile App Updates

NEW APP for IOS/Android

We updated to a new app in December. Some people may still have the old app on their mobile device and events are not being updated. Please make sure you download and install the new app. The icon looks like this: 


**Make sure you tell your friends and family who may not receive this email to update as well. 

NEW Calendar
Our new website and app features an Events page, but it is not in a visual calendar format. We have heard your feedback and we created a Google Calendar that we hope will be more user-friendly.  

From the, click Menu, Full-Month Calendar 

Add this iCal link to your personal Google calendar/mobile device: 

**note: If you added the previous calendar from our old website, please remove this as it is no longer being updated. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Raffelson at