Q: What are you looking forward to most this summer? A: I am really excited to ride my horses and get to go to horse shows and rodeos.

- Courtney F.- 8th Grade

Luke T.

Q: What is your favorite color? A: I like the color blue.

- Luke B. - kindergarten

Camden B

Q: Whats your favorite color? A: I like the color red.

- Camden B. - Kindergarten

Mrs. Litton

Q: How has Spanish been going this year? A: I have been really impressed with all the student’s abilities to communicate and not hesitate to reach out when they need help. I also am lucky to have great staff to work with and help me out.

- Mrs. Litton-Staff

Ella P

Q.What are you most excited about for track season? A. I am looking forward to hopefully breaking another school record and breaking another league record.

- Ella P.- 8th Grade

Mr. Dan  Staff

Q: How has all this recent snow affected your work? A: It has made me put more time and effort into my current and what will be my future work. (fixing football fence)

- Mr. Dan - Staff