Week at a Glance

CALENDAR CHANGES COMING: We have heard from several people that the new "events" listing of calendar events on our website and app is challenging and not in a nice user friendly calendar format. We are working hard to change over to a Google calendar that is shareable and able to be imported into your own google calendars or possibly phone calendars. It will also be able to be viewed in a traditional calendar layout. Please give us a few days to complete the change and we will post the new calendar. For now, please refer to the "Events" listings in both the new app and on the website for any events or changes. 

UPDATED APP: We also realize that some people have not deleted the old app from their phones. Our new school app is titled "Peetz School" and has a bulldog head with a yellow background. Please tell your friends and family who may not see Facebook posts or visit our school's website regularly. 

**All dates on this are subject to change and the most current location for information will be Events on our school website or new app at this time. 

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