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Meeting of the Board of Education



 Business Meeting 7:00 PM

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Call to order

Roll Call

Additions and Deletions to Agenda

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Consent Calendar

            A:  Minutes 05.16.23

Audience Introductions and Comments:

Neenan – In Person

Chad Rayl

Athletic Director’s Report:None

Counselor’s ReportNone

Principal’s Report:See Principal’s Report

Superintendent’s Report:See Superintendent’s Report


  • Update on Arming Staff Through Colorado Faster Training
  • Update on Pole Barn for School Maintenance Shop
  • Update on Maintenance Summer Work
  • Update on 23/24 Final School Budget
  • Renaming Football Field to Honor Scott Sorensen’s Many Years of Service to the Peetz School/Community

Action Items:

  • 2023.06.01      Approve the Agenda
  • 2023.06.02      Approve the June Payroll
  • 2023.06.03      Approve the June Expenditures
  • 2023.06.04      Approve Jessica Rivera as the New Preschool Teacher/Aid for the 23/24 School Year
  • 2023.06.05      Approve Byron Nelson as the Head HS Girls Basketball Coach for the 23/24 Season
  • 2023.06.06      Approve CASB Board Policies as Presented
  • 2023.06.07      Approval of Volunteers to Start Process of Attending Faster Training with District Paying for Courses and Training
  • 2023.06.08      Final Approval of 23/24 School Year Budget
  • 2023.06.09      Approve Scott Sorensen’s Letter of Resignation/Rehire as Teacher/Coach for Transition Year in 23/24 School Year
  • 2023.06.10      Approve Renaming Football Field to Honor Scott Sorensen’s Years of Service to Peetz School


Call for Executive Session: 



Next Regular Meeting is August 15, 2023, at 7:00 PM


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