Jr High Track Schedule

Update as of 8:00 pm. 3/29- JH Track Meet schedule has changed. Running events will be starting at 9:00. Field events will be after running events. 

Welcome to spring sports. It seems like we are constantly updating and rescheduling. Please make sure you have the link to the school calendar (on the school homepage or app) for the current updates of rescheduled, canceled, and postponed events. 

Jr High Track Scrimmage at Sterling Schedule (still scheduled, but we are watching the weather). The bus leaves at 8:00.

NCL Track Scrimmage Schedule of Events

 8:30 am Coaches meeting (Teams will need to help set up hurdles, high jump mats, etc.)

 9:00 am Field Events: Boys Shot, Girls Discus, Boys High Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Triple Jump, followed by the reversal of these events (by gender) upon completion.

12:00 pm 100 M Hurdles

 (G) 110 M Hurdles

(B) 800 M Sprint Medley

(G) 800 M Sprint Medley

(B) 100 M Dash (G) 100 M Dash

 (B) 4 x 200 M Relay (G) 4 X 200 M Relay

 (B) 1600 M Run (G) 1600 m Run

(B) 4 X 100 M Relay (G) 4 x 100 M Relay

 (B) 400 M Run (G) 400 M Run

(B) 200 M Dash (G) 200 m Dash

(B) 800 M Run (G) 800 M Run

(B) 4 X 400 M Relay (G) 4 x 400 M Relay (B)