School Board Meeting

Meeting of the Board of Education



Business Meeting 7:00 PM

Call to order

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Audience Introductions and Comments:

Presenters from NV5 and Neenan Group

Theresa Ommen, Transportation Director, bus bids

Athletic Director’s Report:

See Athletic Director’s Report

Principal’s Report:

See Principal’s Report

Superintendent’s Report:

See Superintendent’s Report


  • Attend CASB Winter Conference in Colorado Springs
  • Cap number of students per classroom
  • Update on possible vehicle purchase
  • Staff get together October 1st at 6:30 p.m. Ice Lanes in Sterling.

            All invited

  • Update on ESSA Funds bus/tech/curriculum
  • Boiler repair update
  • Peetz Sake Days and NV5/Neenan Group
  • Safer Schools grant

Action Items:

  • 2021.09.01     Approve the Agenda
  • 2021.09.02     Approve the September Payroll
  • 2021.09.03     Approve the September Expenditures
  • 2021.09.04     Approve Final Reading: Policy GBGG: Staff Sick Leave
  • 2021.09.05     Approve Final Reading: Policy GBGL: Personal / Activity Leave
  • 2021.09.06     Approve Final Reading: Policy GCBA: Instructional Staff Contracts / Compensation / Salary
  • 2021.09.07     Approve First Reading: Policy GBI: Criminal History Record Information
  • 2021.09.08     Approve Intergovernmental Agreement from BOCES
  • 2021.09.09     Approve All Fall Coaches as Presented
  • 2021.09.10     Approve Interim Ag Teacher
  • 2021.09.11     Approve Resignation of Jennifer Holtz, Preschool Teacher
  • 2021.09.12     Approve Hiring of Aleah Ramey, Preschool Director
  • 2021.09.13     Approve Minutes Board Meeting 2021.04.20
  • 2021.09.14     Approve Minutes Board Meeting 2021.05.18

·        2021.09.15     Approve Minutes Special Board Meeting 2021.08.24

Call For Executive Session:


Bond information


Next Regular Meeting October 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM

For links to documents visit Board of Education / Financial Transparency Folder

2021.09 September Folder