Coin Wars

Peetz Parent Elementary Organization is excited to introduce the 1st Annual Bulldog Coin Wars coming April 28 and running through May 7.  (we were rudely interrupted by Covid last year and didn't get to complete this war!) We invite EVERYONE to join in the fun.  See the image for details. 

The coin jugs will be located near the trophy case at the front entrance and the tallied standings of the "War" will be updated daily.  Our preschool class will enjoy a special coin game in their own classroom called "Pack the Piggy".  Each preschool student will receive a special prize during the last week of school for participating.

The funds raised will go directly to our PEO which offers our elementary students extra educational opportunities and allows students incentives in helping them reach personal goals.  The winner will be announced on May 10 and the awards passed out one of the last 4 days of school (teachers choice!). We look forward to a super fun school-wide event - GO BULLDOGS!!