Strategic Planning Meeting

Strategic Planning Meeting
Friday, April 23, @ 5:00pm-9:00pm

Last March, the school board, administration, teachers, and community members participated in the first strategic planning for our school. Goals were identified and priority work in each area. This is a follow-up meeting to dig further into each of those areas and start developing action steps and lists of resources needed. This is a planning opportunity for all community members and parents of Peetz School students.  This is an in-person meeting in the gym. 

If you can not attend this session but would like to be a part of a committee, please let Mr. Seger know and he will get you any information needed before the next planning meeting. (

Strategic Planning Agenda 4-23-21

5:00 pm @ Peetz School Gym

5:00 – 5:30 Review Goals #1-4 and introduction of our facilitator

5:30 – 6:00 NV5/Best presentation

Goal #1  Financial

A living financial plan that promotes educational advancement for students, high quality staff, facility improvements, and maintains necessary reserves to secure the future of Plateau School District RE-5.

Priority Work

  • Funds for non-traditional education opportunities or opportunities not currently available/offered in Peetz.
  • Professional development/trainings in house for PD days/specific PD
  • Facility review/improvement or replacement plan
  • Competitive salaries to recruit, retain staff
  • Create a process for reviewing the budget / involve those affected if budget will directly impact them.

Goal #2  Innovation/Whole Student

As a learning community, we are striving to develop confident learners through create opportunities. Including life skills and student centered instruction implemented in a flexible learning environment.

Priority Work

  • Research teacher evaluation – possible changes
  • Maker space – Project Based Learning
  • Professional development to implement creative opportunities/student-centered instruction
  • Explore building life skills into curriculum
  • Time for collaboration to implement
  • Greater electives offerings
  • PK-12 Career awareness/counseling
  • One central/user friendly platform for communication
  • Define role
  • Leadership
  • Regular staff meetings
  • Consistent exit interview policy (Student and Staff)
  • Timely, respectful, and differing avenues provided for opportunities to collaborate for all stakeholders.
  • All information provided by stakeholders is respected, valued and acknowledged.
  • Support the formation of an all activities Booster Club (PK-12)
  • Teacher appreciation

Goal #3  Communication

Peetz School places a high value in communication that informs, inquires or involves meaningful communication to provide a successful environment.

Priority Work

Goal #4  Culture/Collaboration

Peetz Plateau School District provides opportunities for all stakeholders to collaborate with each other in a way that respects and values all, while instilling Bulldog Pride.

Priority Work

6:00 – 8:30 Split into committee groups: 30/45 min. per bullet for action step

  • Review Priority work
  • Make list of any resources needed to assist in the process
  • Start to develop action steps for each priority bullet
  • Frequency
  • Dates and Times


8:30 – 9:00

Rejoin whole group to discuss the progress of the sub committee

Develop schedule for ongoing strategic planning work:

If time allows look at Vision/Mission statements for review and changes