Every 15 Minutes

April 17th, at 1:00, Peetz School participated in a mock accident scene. Every 15 Minutes is a program that Peetz School has participated in previously. The two-day program challenges students to think responsibly about distracted and impaired driving and the impact their decisions would have on family and friends. 

Our local community was instrumental in the planning and coordination it takes to make this program happen for our students. Please take time to say Thank You to the following agencies and individuals who made all this possible: 

Colorado State Patrol
Logan County Sheriff
Sterling Fire Department
Peetz Fire Department
Med Evac
Logan County Coroner
Jared Sonnenberg
Sterling Medical Center
Holiday Inn Express - Sterling
Sarah Dennison
Tracy Yahn
Casper Family
Bev Funaro/Mallory Funaro's Family
Rebecca Ward/13th District Attorney's Office
Logan County Victim's Advocate
TLC Towing
Megan Schumacher and Mike Forster for coordinating this event
Peetz School staff, students, and families for participating